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Jurnal Psikologi Proyeksi Vol. 4 No. 2 Oktober 2009/Falah

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(A Cross-Cultural Feminist Psychology)

Falasifatul Falah

Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Islam Sultan Agung


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There are two opinions about Javanese women. The first one says that Javanese women have a big power and high social status, both in family and society. This is because Javanese culture follows bilineal family system in which men and women roles are complement for each other. The second opinion argues that women’s important roles in family management do not indicate a high status, they exactly hold a double burden since they have to do both of domestic work and paid jobs. It can be argued that those women’s burdens are not only double, but also triple, may be multi-burden. The growing condition of Javanese contemporary society, in results in progress and improvements in people’s quality of life, and influences the change of culture and social values as well. Furthermore, progress and modernity have been engaging social ambivalence in Javanese society. Javanese people are in the crossing point of their traditional values and the new values called “hybridism”.

Keywords: Javanese women, Javanese society.


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