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Jurnal Psikologi Proyeksi Vol. 4 No. 2 Oktober 2009/Setyaningsih

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Retno Setyaningsih


Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Islam Sultan Agung


People are often judged or stereotyped according to their group membership, such as because his ethnicity, race, gender, age, or  religious affiliation. Negative stereotypes often cause negative responses, which can manifest themselves in the stereotyped individual’s reactions, performance on a task, motivation, and self-esteem. Stereotype threat  is a situational experience in which an individual feels defenseless and pressured by the risk of confirming or being judged by a stereotype. This article  attempts to review the mechanisms of how stereotype threat negatively impacts performance outcomes and how to keep away from it based on several studies. Furthermore, this article also offers a number of research possibilities on this domain.

Keywords: stereotipe threat, performance


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