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Sexual harassment against female labors in Semarang

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Sexual harassment against female labors in Semarang

Falasifatul Falah & Inhastuti Sugiasih

Sultan Agung Islamic University, Semarang, Indonesia

ABSTRACT: One of problems that female labors have to face in their workplace is sexual harassment. This study is aimed to reveal female labors perception and experiences of sexual harassment in their workplace and to reveal the psychological effects of those experiences, also their expectation of the condition of workplace which supports female. This is a qualitative study conducted in Kaligawe, an industrial urban area of Semarang, the capital city of Central Java, Indonesia. Subjects of study are 30 female labors: 25 labors were deeply-interviewed while five female labors were engaged in the focus group discussion. The result shows that all of 30 subjects have ever been victims of sexual harassment in their workplace. Some subjects perceive the experiences of being victims of sexual harassment as negative experiences that distract their mental and emotional condition and lower their work motivation and satisfaction. Sexual harassment in workplace has happened because of the policy of work management that less supports the rights of female labors, also the lack of awareness and assertiveness of the labors. This study recommends improving the gender awareness, women rights and labor rights in workplace which should imply to the change of the work system and policy.