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Prosiding 2013/Achmad Mutho M.Rois,dkk

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Puji Astuti, Achmad Mutho M.Rois, Laily Rahmah

Universitas Islam Sultan Agung


The purpose of this research is to study how domestic workers housewives manage feelings of loneliness . The research focused on the causes of loneliness, what are they do when feelings of loneliness comes, positive and negative effects of loneliness , and how to overcome feelings of loneliness by housewives domestic workers.

This study uses a qualitative method of phenomenology . Data obtained by interview and observation . Results of in-depth interviews were then made in the form of transcripts and analyzed to find psychological meaning, a collection of units of meaning, concept  mapping, and the deepest essence. The summarry of study subjects were eight  housewives domestic workers who tend to experience loneliness                            .

Based on the analysis of the study explained that the eight subjects experienced loneliness caused by external factors, internal factors include psychological factors such as lack of affection needs of the couple. The eight subject's have own  behavior to eliminate feelings of loneliness, that is short-term activities that do not need other people and the long-term activities that require the presence of other people . Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, self-blame is the negative impact arising from loneliness. The positive effects is they will have good socialization or interaction with other people, either in organization or community and because of they have more intensity time to stay at home, their relationship with their children to be closer. Good self-acceptance from the choice to be a housewife with consequences, grateful and sincere and have special time for couple or family, do sports activities and refreshing are the way to relieve of loneliness  feeling by housewives domestic workers.

This study found that there is a positive correlation between the monotonous activity with loneliness by housewife domestic workers . At the age of young adult development found one contributing factor is because of disppointed do not have permit from their husband to work, and in middle adulthood is one of the factors supporting is because of the empty cage syndrome.

Keywords: Housewife domestic workers, loneliness, effects of loneliness

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