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Prosiding 2013/Isella Loviana

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Isella Loviana, H. Fuad Nashori, & Retno Kumolohadi

Fakultas Psikologi dan Ilmu Sosial Budaya Universitas Islam Indonesia



This study was aimed to understand the effect of emotion focused training to increse subjective well being experienced by pre-elderly women. Emotion focused training is the training that uses the Greenberg concept of emotion focused training skills, consisting of familiar emotions, expressing emotions skills, emotional management skills, and the skills to change negative emotions into positive emotions. Subjects in this study were pre-elderly women aged between 45-59 years old and the economy is on the middle class. The data was collected using a scale of subjective well being, interviews and observations. The design of the study is a pretest-posttest with control group design. Analysis of this study are quantitative and qualitative analysis. The results in the pre-test and post-test subjective well being suggests that there are differences in subjective well being after training given by t= -2.631, p = 0.015 (p <0,05). The conclusion of this study was there are differences in increase subjective well-being in the elderly women in the pre experimental group that received emotion focused training compared to the control group who did not receive emotion focused training. The result of the t test pre-test and post-test in the experimental group and the control group showed significant differences in subjective well being.

Keywords: Subjective well-being, Emotion focused training

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